Vinag’s tunnel wine cellar is one of the greatest wine cellars in Europe, which is located in the centre of the city. It was build in the middle of 19th century and it’s connected with the construction of two houses. In the year 1836 the Alojz Kriehuber jr., son of the lord of Castle Melje nobleman Alojz Kriehuber, bought 1163 square meters of communal land in the centre of Maribor from the City hall for 808 florins, which bordered with today’s Trg svobode (Freedom square).


In the year 1878 Kriehuber retired from the wine market and sold his company to the economist Henrik Schleicher, landlord Jožef Rossmann and contorist Jožef Pugl - they were all in the directorate of his company. They established a new company with the title »Kriehuber cellary successors &Co« In 1881 the house on Trg svobode 3 was bought by Schleicher on an auction; yet he died in 1885.

From this time, when the railway Vienna - Trieste passed through Maribor, the place was an important site for wine commerce and brewer’s trade. The wine commerce was established on this location by the already mentioned economist Alojz pi. Kriehuber.

After the end of the war, on the 16th of September 1945, in the Gambrinus Hall in Maribor a founding committee for the "Vinarska zadruga  r.z.o.j”. was held, which overtook the cellars of the former merchants Pugel and Rossmann, Pfrimer, Hausmaninger and the cellar of the former ’Kletarska zadruga’. The headquarters of the company were moved to Trg svobode 3. The cellar capacities were increased with the reconstruction of the cellar.

In the year 1949 the old Pugl cellar was connected through a new underground tunnel with the Union cellar. In the year 1953 the corridor which connects the upper classical part and the lower brewery part of the cellar a tunnel was finished. The reason was that the Wine company had with problems with space since a few years earlier. The concrete tanks were also built at this time – with an overall capacity of 500 wagons.

Vinag is from the year 1960 until today the manager and the owner of the cellar.

Magnificent wine cellar´s portrait

There are not many cities in the world that have such a wine cellar in the centre as Vinag has in Maribor. It is 20 thousand square meters big and has enough capacity for 5.5 million litres of wine.

Big and old wine cellars are alike small towns with streets. The tunnels represent the streets. In our cellar there are almost tree kilometres of tunnels and there is something interesting in each one, as time has weaved many events and attractions in many through many decades. The wooden barrels represent the houses - there are still about 140 barrels, and also modern tanks. Each one of them, habitats of the wine can tell its own story.

The archive in the cellar is the pride of each wine company. Vinag’s archive cellar has enough room for 400.000 bottles. In the moment there are just about 250.000 - the oldest wine in the archive is the Welschriesling (Italian Rizling), late harvest, year 1946 from Svečina. In Vinag’s archive wine cellar we also have wine from the oldest year of Kraški Teran, which dates from the year 1959.

Vinag - The Amazing Maribor Underground

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