Metliška črnina PTP 2009 Wine Cellar KZ Metlika

Metliška črnina PTP  2009 Wine Cellar KZ Metlika
Metliška črnina PTP  2009 Wine Cellar KZ Metlika
Brand: Wine Cellar KZ Metlika
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Metliška črnina PTP is the first Slovene wine, which have been labeled PTP on the basis of the initiative of wine producers. 

It is an excellent variety of wine with the expressed characteristics of each variety of vines and the area of Bela Krajina. Microclimate, soil and the diligence of hands of the Bela Krajina wine growers are the guarantee of high quality of Metliska crnina PTP. Blaufränkisch is a grape variety which gives the wine richness of taste, since its share is of up to 60%. Žametna Črnina gives the wine a pleasant aroma, which reminds us of the smell of forest fruits and it represents at least 30% in the wine. The difference is formed by the other red grape varieties, such as Portugalka, Šentlovrenka and Gamay. The wine is among the medium-heavy Slovene red wines because it is qualified by medium-high alcoholic strength (between 10.3 and 11.5 vol%) and pleasant acid (5.5 to 7.0 g / l). It is important that the wine is served under an appropriate temperature, preferably between 13 and 15°C. Metliska crnina PTP is a dry wine, therefore we recommend that you enjoy it while eating. Due to its composition, it is right that the wines should be enjoyed moderately, but every day.

Metliška črnina PTP & Food
It complements very well grill and barbecue dishes, dishes made of wild game meat and dried beef cuts. It fits extremely well with mushroom-dishes, especially boletus and chanterelles. 


CONTENT 1,00 l
WINE REGIONS Lower Sava Valley
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